Get paid to click and surf (manual)

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RefbackBank - Double your earning in Paid to Click programs! RefbackBank is a place where you can find and join all the best available PTC (Paid To Click) sites. The advantage of joining PTC sites through refback bank is that you earn double money. When Refbackbank makes a cash out on a PTC that you have properly joined, it pays you refback in return for signing up and clicking ads under them. They actually share that part of their earnings which they have earned from your clicks, with YOU!
Follow these steps to properly join Refbackbank and PTC sites in order to start earning double money:
1. Join RefbackBank.
2. Visit the site list, and find a site that is being offered for refback, join by clicking on the banner.
3. It is important to clear your browser cookies and cache before signing up to any PTC program offered by RefbackBank.
How to clear cookies and cache? See here -> How to clear the cache?
4. The next thing to do is the activation of your account on the PTC you've just joined; Check your e-mail inbox, find the email you received from the PTC you joined via refbackbank, and activate your membership on that PTC.
5. After you have done that, confirm that you signed up by clicking the green button beside the banner and entering the USERNAME you are using on that PTC, in some cases you will need to enter your IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. You will find more details about this on the website, right beside the banners.
6. Join the trusted, elite PTC sites that really pay: NeoBux, ClixSense, AyuWage, scarlet-clicks, jillsclickcorner etc. You will find these under the paid section of the sites.
7. If you wish to earn more, join more PTC sites from refbackbank and click ads all day long + upgrade on refbacbank account. note: There are lots of PTC sites online that are scams and will not pay you when you reach your cashout minimum, so I highly recommend you only the elite sites as mentioned above.
8. When you reach your payout minimum which is $2 for free members, you can cashout to your PAYPAL or PAYZA payment processor account. You can spend that money online or withdraw to your bank account.

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