Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Get paid to be online with cashbars

This free application earns you money on autopilot for simply turning on your computer.
Cashbars are a great way to make some easy money while you surf. If you want to make money while you are online, join MyCashBar now, the world's number one cashbar! Continue to use your computer as you've always, but in addition, make cash completely automatically.
How to make money with MyCashBar ?
To earn money with MyCashBar, several means are available to you :
- Install the MyCashBar software. Earn points 24/7 for every ad displayed on your computer screen while you are running the cashbar.
- The Clicks Bonus. Earn points by visiting the sites of our partners.
- The referral system allows you to earn 20% of your referrals on 5 levels.

Points convert to real money the first day of each month. The rate varies according to income earned by mycashbar.com Cashout minimum is at $5 to Paypal and Payza (Worldwide) and $20 by check only in France.

Start using mycashbar to get paid for just being online

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Surf youtube videos and earn money

How to get paid to surf youtube videos?

A great service that pays you to watch youtube videos. You actually earn credits which you can assign to your own youtube videos and exchange views this way, or you can exchange them to money.

get paid for youtube views using vagex or gain unlimited views on youtube for your youtube videos

How do you get paid on YouTube views?
Vagex is an completely automated service that alows you to gain views, get likes, comments and subscribers to your youtube videos and can earn you money. It is 100% free to join and completely automated. Get unlimited youtube views, likes and subscribers or get paid to browse videos!

The are several different ways you can earn credits with vagex:

1. Open the viewer, leave it running on your computer and earn a credit for each video viewed. To earn extra credits turn on auto-like and auto-subscribe option (requires you to be logged in to your youtube account).

2. Share your referral link with your friends are earn 10% of all the credits they earn (15% for upgraded members).

3. For sharing your reflink on facebook there is a bonus of 1000 credits you'll receive.

4. You can tweet your referral link with twitter and earn another 1000 credits bonus.

5. If you put a link to Vagex on your blog, webpage or forum, that will also earn you 1000 credits.

6. You earn 5,000 bonus credits if you make a video about Vagex and upload it to your youtube channel with your referral link included in the description.

7. Post a short review on alexa and earn 1000 bonus credits.

8. +1 Our result on google and earn 1000 bonus credits

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